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Pure Awesomeness… Sort Of…

An adult twist to ice cream desserts.

I love ice cream… Most people love ice cream… But what do you do when you are having a decently formal dinner party and want to serve ice cream without making it feel like 3rd grade?  Here are my two new favorite ice cream desserts

1.  The ice cream bombe – A very Impressive looking dessert that is surprisingly easy to make.  This dessert is  layers of ice cream and/or sorbet in a funky dome shape, which may look like just any other dessert at first, but when you cut into it the cross-sections of ice cream look great.  Check out some recipes here.

2.  Gourmet Ice Cream Cakes – If you’re not up for creating your own ice cream dessert masterpiece here is a place where you can get beautiful (and tasty) gourmet ice cream cakes.  PB&J is currently my favorite.  Here is a great place to pick up a gourmet ice cream cake.

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