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Free Ringtones and Game!

AT&T is offering Free holiday ringtones and games for a limited time. The way it works is you text “GIFT” to 7230 and then send you a link where you can get the ringtones and game. The Link seems to just be so if you want to save yourself a text I think you can just directly go to the URL.

Enjoy your free stuff!

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Malibu Fire Under Control

We’re all back on campus, the roads are open again, and the fire is over 75% contained.  Looks like this fire was more damaging (structurally) than the one last month, but the on last month was a lot more traumatic for the students on Pepperdine’s campus.

Hope everyone is ok after this one. 

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Malibu Fire Breaks Out Again

After high winds a fire broke out again in Malibu, around 3:30am.  Firefighters were ready and waiting.  Pepperdine has been evacuated again.

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While we wait for WM6 for the Blackjack … The Blackjack gets Recalled

That’s right.  While I was researching when I would actually perhaps maybe ever get WM6 I found a notice on the AT&T forums about our beloved Samsung Blackjack being recalled.  I called in and got them to send me my new phone (already sent my old one back), but I had to specifically mention the recall.

Here is what the post said:

“Customers who purchased the Samsung BlackJack i607 which was manufactured during the
months of November 2006 – February 2007 may find they are experiencing dropped calls
or poor signal reception. After extensive testing by Samsung and AT&T they have
found some internal components are wearing over time and causing the antennae
connection to loosen causing poor signal and dropped calls.

Samsung has implemented some design changes to fix these issues: they changed a
coating within the device back in February which improved RF and have made several
hardware changes recently to improve the reception even more. There have been no
issues with call performance with all new hardware manufactured from March 2007

Customers who have purchased the Samsung BlackJack i607 and are affected by the
“dropped call” scenario are advised to call the Exchange  By Mail”

Enjoy your newer Blackjack!

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It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Now that Thanksgiving is over… and you guys with an income are off shopping on Black Friday, I feel like Christmas is almost here.  That also means that CHRISTMAS BREAK IS ALMOST HERE.  Sure, I need to get through finals first, but man I’m excited for break.  I’m going to throw in my favorite Christmas Album to celebrate, you know, Christmas with the Chipmunks.  (You think maybe I watched too much Alvin and the Chipmunks when I was a kid? Just maybe?)

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Wii want to play

That’s right.  I have a Wii.

The awesomeness is immeasurable. Trust mii.

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An adult twist to ice cream desserts.

I love ice cream… Most people love ice cream… But what do you do when you are having a decently formal dinner party and want to serve ice cream without making it feel like 3rd grade?  Here are my two new favorite ice cream desserts

1.  The ice cream bombe – A very Impressive looking dessert that is surprisingly easy to make.  This dessert is  layers of ice cream and/or sorbet in a funky dome shape, which may look like just any other dessert at first, but when you cut into it the cross-sections of ice cream look great.  Check out some recipes here.

2.  Gourmet Ice Cream Cakes – If you’re not up for creating your own ice cream dessert masterpiece here is a place where you can get beautiful (and tasty) gourmet ice cream cakes.  PB&J is currently my favorite.  Here is a great place to pick up a gourmet ice cream cake.

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Still no WM6 for Samsung Blackjack

There is a new thread in the Cingular/AT&T forums (under Samsung) about the WM6 upgrade, and on Halloween (10/31) WM6 was released for the 8525, BUT no WM6 for the faithful Blackjack users.  I have posted about this numerous times before (click on the category “blackjack”) and how I have been patiently waiting for Windows Mobile 6 to be released for us, but its not happening.  Will the Blackjack 2 hit the market before out WM6 upgrade is released?

Maybe we should take comfort in the fact that it was released for one phone yesterday and thus AT&T must be making progress.

I’m anxiously awaiting our upgrade release.  Hopefully it will come soon.

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