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Law school is miserable. No Really.

Like I said a few days ago, I have not actually abandoned the blog, just been really busy.  Law school has not only taken the front burner in my life right now, it has taken all my burners.  A few of you might rememeber a post I wrote last year, about 2 weeks into my first year of law school, explaining how law school just wasn’t all that great or fun.  Now, a year later, I have even more to say about it.  I had explained that first year of law school was just a survival test.  Who could make it all year and actually function well enough to take an exam.

Second year is a balancing game.  Not only do you have the old stresses from last year (your droning classmates, the hide-the-ball professors, reading, briefing [if you still do that], outlining, and finding supplements to fill in everything you didn’t hear or understand because you were too busy on, but you also have all these new things to deal with.  You’re probably doing OCI and your own private search for a 2L summer job.  You have interviews and callbacks.  You have midterms that count.  You may be on a journal and subchecking.  You need a topic for your journal article.  You need to actually research and write your journal article.   You need to sleep, eat, shower, and clean your room.  You might be taking the MPRE.  You might be doing a externship and working part time.  The list goes on and on.  So in addition to your classes you’re trying to balance all these new things in without killing yourself and getting burned out before finals.

Honestly, I’m not miserable, exhausted and poor, but not miserable.  Law school sucks but you make the best of it and try to get it done so you can graduate, pass the bar, and if you’re lucky get a job.

For those of you who are THINKING OF GOING TO LAW SCHOOL, and I know that some of you are since its October (the month people panic about applying to law school and their pending LSAT results), please rethink it.  Do you really want to be exhausted for 3 years?  Do you really want to not have time to see movies, go on dates, or do laundry?  Read some of the following links before you decide.

Now, do you really want to go?  Check out these posts about applying or getting in.

Part IV should be posted within the next few days.  Enjoy!

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