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Time Waster Tuesdays!

Just wanted to announce a new blog topic I will be writing about, time wasters. What are time wasters? Time wasters are fun things you can do that essentially waste time from more productive things you should be doing (like working or homework). More often than not these will be websites that you can visit to entertain yourself (or do something productive that is not work or homework). Beginning later this month I will regularly post on every Tuesday my time waster of the week.

To kick off Time Waster Tuesdays I’m going to start with my favorite of this week, Yahoo! Answers. I’ve found this to be one of the more rewarding ways I waste time, I read questions in the areas that I know I have a few answers in (Electronics, Computers, Internet) answering the ones I can, and I read resolved questions in areas I’m interested in to learn more about them. Whether you have questions, want to be helpful and answer a few, or just want to read up and learn a little Yahoo! Answers is a great way to entertain yourself. Also you get points for answering questions, rating answers, and getting your answer voted best answer, these points go towards your ranking, so you can watch your progress by watching your points and ranking.

In case you’re interested I’m currently Rank 2, but movin’ on up!  Leave a comment if you’d like to join my network on Yahoo! Answers.

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