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Installing and selecting a homescreen on your Samsung Blackjack

To install a homescreen to your Blackjack, follow these steps:

1) Download the relevant homescreen .zip file to your desktop.
2) Unzip the files from the .zip file (this will consist of a couple of files)
3) Connect your Blackjack to your computer via the USB cable
4) Click on “Explore” on the activesync window
5) Select My windows Mobile-based Device, Application data, Home
6) Take the files that you previously unzipped and place them in the Home folder.

Now, to select the Homescreen you have just installed on your Blackjack, simply follow these steps:

1) On your Blackjack, click “Start”.
2) Select the “Settings” folder
3) Select “Home Screen” (D)
4) Under Home Screen Layout, select the homescreen you just uploaded
5) Under Color Scheme, select “default”
6) Under background image, select “default”
7) Select “Done” 3 or 4 times and then go back to the homescreen on your Blackjack and you will see your selected homescreen is displayed.

Check out this post for resources on getting Homescreens.

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