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Blogging gone green

Updates have been sparse on my part (between law school, working, and traveling), but I am trying to roll out some major changes soon. Today I’ve added the Green Web Hosting! This site hosted by DreamHost. symbol to my sidebar. That’s right, Mofomon’s Blog has gone green with the Help of Dreamhost.

A “green” website? I know, it sounds hokey, I was confused at first too. It just means that the website (and the hosting service behind it) is carbon neutral. You can read more about what goes into making a site carbon neutral here.

Anyone else interested in going Green (or just looking for a good hosting service) should check out DreamHost, if you use this link you will get an automatic $27 off discount. I suggest you take a look, the $7.95 a month plan comes with over 145 GB of diskspace and over 1.45 TB of monthly bandwith. Its what I use :-).

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