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Pure Awesomeness… Sort Of…

Malibu Caught Fire…

I was in the middle of dinner today when we got called out to “watch something burning”. Turns out Malibu caught on fire…at first we thought it was just a small brush fire until we saw the flames leaping up higher and higher and realized that structures were burning. This was followed by us receiving many phone calls from friends and family because now the fire was on every SoCal news channel. Sadly 8 homes burned down and another 5 were damaged, but the fire is 100% contained now.  Here are a couple pictures I was able to take. Enjoy.
Malibu Caught Fire - Early ShotMalibu Caught Fire - Later


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  1. […] Earlier this year I posted about Malibu catching fire (in January, with pictures).  Today Malibu caught fire again and it was a lot more hectic and scary than last time.  Didn’t even have time to snap pictures before escaping.  As of tonight 2,200 acres have burned including several structures (and the facades of my market and pharamcey, Ralphs and CVS). […]

  2. […] So I was looking through my google stats to see why users are coming to my blog, what they find interesting, where I can improve, and I found out a few interesting things.  Turns out the last two weeks users have either come to my site looking for Malibu Fire Pictures or Information, or some (I’m sure sadly disappointed users) have been coming here looking for a Monica Leigh video, since we share the same first name, but I don’t have anything here about Monica Leigh.  Didn’t even know who she was until I googled her a second ago… […]