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Pure Awesomeness… Sort Of…

Its the Sadness…

Its really sad how Law School infiltrates your entire life. There is no part of you left to yourself, everything is taken over by Law School. Your days are spent in class, your nights doing homework, your weekends outlining or trying to read ahead so you can watch TV during the week. All the time you do actually take off from doing homework you’re thinking about how guilty you feel for not doing more homework. You can’t even watch TV in peace, you try to do something that takes minimal thinking while you watch it. What is worst of all is that even your social life, the things you do when you go out, are Law School activities. Law school Bar Review, Law school formal, dinner with law school student org.

Who knew something could get such a strong hold of who you are.

Its Friday night and I feel guilty. Guilty for watching TV during the week, guilty for taking time to eat out, guilty for watching an Alias marathon, guilty for wasting time talking to people from my section, and guilty for having friends over (ok I feel really guilty for this last one).

Law School, why do you plague me so?

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