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5 ways to increase blog traffic.

Here are 5 steps I took to increase traffic to my blog, taking it from 20 uniques a day to 500 uniques a day.

  1. Pick a theme: Pick a theme/topic for your blog, specialize in it, and stick to it. Participate in other websites and forums that specialize in this topic. Make sure to include your URL when you participate. Submit your blog to directories on this topic.
  2. Have Quality Content: Make sure your content is good quality. You want to have good clear titles that serve to both to instruct readers on what you are writing about and also provide keywords for search engines. Make sure your content is free of typos and inaccuracies (research the topics well). Link to sources and related information, this gives a chance for readers to continue reading about the topic and learn more. Tag your content using Technorati tags.
  3. Cover content that needs attention: If you are blogging about (let’s say) video game consoles, and everyone is wondering what processor the xbox360 is running on, write about it! Give everyone the answer. Try to address issues and questions like this in your topic. It will give your blog a unique feel since you are not just saying the same thing as everyone else using a different voice.
  4. Give your URL exposure: Make sure that those that you know are familiar with your URL. Put your URL in your email signature, add it to your busness card, and include it in your signature in your signature on forums.
  5. Make your posts accessible: Have an email this post link, this way readers who like a post you have can send it to their friends and family. Have a site RSS feed. Many readers use feed readers now and you want to remain accessible to them. Publish regular updates.

For more tips on blogging check out my guides – Blogging Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Happy Blogging!!

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