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Blogging? – Part 3

Its been a while since I have posted about blogging.  It has really been hectic with first year of law school and all, but
I feel guilty so I decided to try to hammer out the rest of this guide inbetween reading assignments.

We talked about your blog worth in part 1; public bookmarking, blog search engines, and blog directories in part 2; and now in part 3 its time to talk about your blog itself.

  • Content:  When I first started blogging (as you can see by how far back my archive goes, that was a while ago), I just blogged to pass the time I had.  This is generally not the way to approach your blog.  I wrote about random pointless things that I didn’t even want to read later.  Before you begin typing and posting away on your blog take a minute to think about what you want to blog about.  Pick a topic or a handful of topics that you would like to blog about and then stick to these!  Blogs are more interesting and more likely to have readership if they have a topic/focus.
    • Make sure the content you do put up is quality.  Don’t post to post and fill space, post for a purpose.
  • Formatting: Make sure your posts are clearly formatted.  Readability (or skimability) is key to gaining readership.  If your readers can’t skim, scan, or read through your posts…they won’t be coming back!  Also take care to read over all your posts and edit out grammar and spelling mistakes.  Your typos should not be the main attraction of your blog.

Thats all for now!  Happy Blogging!

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