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Getting into Law School – Part 2

So you think you want to go to Law School? Really? The first step to getting in is really deciding that you want to go. You need to sit back and think about it. Law School is hard, applying is stressful but only the beginning to a tough 3 years.  Take a look at Part 1 if you haven’t already.
After thinking about it if you have decided you want to go the next step is to think about what interests you. What do you want to be doing as a lawyer? Do you want to be in court? Do you want to do Family Law? Do you want to do Criminal Law? Trial Law? Bankrupcy Law? Georgetown has a page that goes through some of the choices for anyone looking to get familiar.

Alright, awesome, you’ve decided you want to do it, you have some idea of the different fields involved and maybe a preference as to what you want to get involved in. Now, a little bit of logistics, can you go to law school? Does your current life situation allow you to, or can it be arranged? Can you attend full time or part time or does it not make a difference? Do you need or want to stay local or are you looking to attend school in a particular area? When can you begin law school? Next fall? The fall after? (Most Law Schools don’t take Spring admits)

Now we can start applying! Now that you know your criteria, when what how, you can start looking for schools that fit this. I usually search around on Princeton Review’s site, which allows free searching of law school information. Also you can look through the US News Law School rankings to get some idea of were schools stand (rankings aren’t exact but they give you an idea).

Last, but not least, if you think youre starting next fall register for the LSATs right now! You can do this through the LSAC website.

Next time I will talk about preparing for the LSAT and more!

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