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Getting into Law School – Part 1

I am starting orientation for Law School today and figured I could provide everyone interested with a little guide about getting in.  It was a stressful experience but I learned a lot of do’s/don’ts and figured they would be worth sharing with all those who are going to be applying now.  I will be talking about the application process, LSAT’s, schools, rankings, online communities and sites that you can learn from, waitlists, and acceptions.

Today is just an introduction to the series of posts.  Most applications are not due until February so no real rush, but I do suggest everyone gets started now.  Admissions at most schools are rolling so that means the earlier you get your application in the better your chances are.  Your best bet would be to get your application in before the holidays (before Thanksgiving).

Get working!!! And stay tuned for the next installment.


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  1. […] So you think you want to go to Law School? Really? The first step to getting in is really deciding that you want to go. You need to sit back and think about it. Law School is hard, applying is stressful but only the beginning to a tough 3 years.  Take a look at Part 1 if you haven’t already. After thinking about it if you have decided you want to go the next step is to think about what interests you. What do you want to be doing as a lawyer? Do you want to be in court? Do you want to do Family Law? Do you want to do Criminal Law? Trial Law? Bankrupcy Law? Georgetown has a page that goes through some of the choices for anyone looking to get familiar. […]

  2. […] Sorry for the slow down in posts right now.  I have been moving and beginning my first week of classes in Law school.  Getting into Law School – Part 3 (Continuation of Part 1, and Part 2) is coming in the very near future so be patient!!  In the meanwhile I wanted to find out if there are any topics you readers want me to talk about?  Please comment and let me know, I’d be more than happy to blog about some new topics that you guys want to hear about. […]

  3. […] Time to talk about the….LSAT. I know it strikes fear in your heart but you need to figure it out! In Part 1 I introduced the “Getting into Law School” post series I’m writing and last time in Part 2 I talked about the what when and where of law school so its about time to get into the LSAT. […]

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