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Online Poker (gambling) Illegal! OK, not yet.

I’ve been talking about this since the day online gambling got popular, this is totally illegal.  Now its finally catching up to the industry.  I was reading an article today on Yahoo News that explains how legal issues are catching up to online gamblers.  Seems like online gambling executives are escaping to Canada to avoid being arrested.

There are 4 major reasons why the legality of online gambling is such a big issue:

  1. The potential for fraud over the Internet
  2. Accessibility of gambling sites to children 
  3. An increase in gambling addictions
  4. The need to preserve state revenues generated from “legal” gambling operations.

The US House has passed a bill that would ban online gambling, the article describes is as:

The House bill that would ban Internet gambling — except for horse race betting and state lotteries — is an attempt to close a perceived loophole in the 1961 Wire Act, one of a series of laws meant to crack down on racketeering.

The Wire act mentioned above is actually one of 5 federal statutes that apply to online gambling.  The other 4 are the Travel Act, the Interstate Transportation of Wagering Paraphernalia Act, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, the aiding and abetting statute.

In anycase I think its time the US starts passing some real laws about this.  Either to legalize and control it to solve the 4 problems above or to solidify its illegality.

This it worth reading into…here is a link to the yahoo article I was reading, and another to the wikipedia entry about the legality of online gambling.

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