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Pure Awesomeness… Sort Of…

AOL free for broadband users!

I learned yesterday that AOL will now be free for all broadband users.  Before you had to pay $14.95 if you brought your own connection to be able to still use the AOL service (or keep your precious e-mail address).  This is good news for all the AOL users who signed up for broadband and even those who just want to use an AOL e-mail address to remember to good ol dial up days.

You can read more about it here in an article on

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  1. […] On August 3rd I wrote about how AOL is now free for broadband users and a few days ago I found out that now they are offering free domains and personalized email addresses at these domains.  This service will be available in September and is called AOL My eAddress. The way it works is that users will be able to set up and register a customized email address using the .com or .net domains, such as, and add up to 100 additional identities at that domain, at no charge.  Pretty cool for those who dont already have their own domains and emails!!  I’m really glad to see AOL making an effort to broaden its userbase.  A for effort. […]