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Mr. Dempsey!

I think I forgot to mention this but a few weeks ago I saw Patrick Dempsey on his cell while I was visiting the studio lot for lunch. Yeah Mcdreamy from Grey’s Anatomy. He must have been inbetween takes or on a short break. He was in costume outside one of the sound stages.

To answer your question, No, I didn’t stop and talk to him.

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fly faster, please

OK, so I am having a problem understanding how over the last 20 years computers became insanely popular…the internet…and all those other awesome technological advancements have come along BUT

Actually I could even argue that its gone back in time since we no long use the concord. Why is it that we have made 0 advancement in consumer travel? Why are we still flying in the same planes at the same speeds to get places?

Doesn’t this make 0 sense to you? I assumed that 20 years would be plenty time to you know…..double our traveling speed….make getting to england from australia a 5 hour thing…or at least some steps in the right direction.

I’m annoyed, I think this is a failure. All aeronautical engineers should be ASHAMED of themselves.

Get working, make us fly faster….now.

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