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I like free stuff.

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THEY are moving the TV?

Tiny Movers
Today the delivery men came to bring us our new large TV. As I pulled out of the driveway on my way to work I passed the men, ready to lift and carry this TV up 3 flights of stairs…
As soon as I saw them I thought “dear…I hope they are just spotters because they aren’t doing any heavy lifting”.
The 2 men were small built short and skinny.
After a long period of time…and tough struggles with our 300lb “monster” they were able to finally move it in.

Now my question is, how did they get hired to move TV’s?
Was there no interview process?
Did the interviewer just say “well they are small now but i’m sure they will grow?”

All i can say is we should have videotaped the process. Would have made for a good joke you fwd to all your coworkers….

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more movies

Not sure if I posted about this yet….These are some movies I saw and what I thought.
Batman Begins (A+)
Congeniality 2 (A)
Fantastic 4 (B)
Madagascar (A for Children) (B- for adults)

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