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Pure Awesomeness… Sort Of…


Here’s To The Nights We Felt Alive

“I want to thank you for giving me the best day of my life
Oh just to be with you is having the best day of my life ”

I was in Las Vegas this last weekend having a wonderful time. [No I didn’t mean to go out on april 24th, but it was a little out of my hands]
Many many memories were made this last weekend, things from domestic violence towel snapping cases to freaky midnight alarm clocks.
“I don’t want to call my friends, they might wake me from this dream”

It was hillarity to the max. We did so much, Part of it was even spent working on programming assignments…
I even gambled….apparently they don’t card you in vegas, ever.

ohhh, so one night were walking in front of Bellagio and up ahead we see a girl walking wearing a SMALL skirt and a top that consisted of jst one strap in the back. We look her up and down and one of the girls says “we should go ask her ‘how much'”. So 2 girls go up to her talk to her, turns out she was just a dancer from the river dance show thing….she was walking home (to her car) in costume. Its a good thing they didn’t open with “how much”.

Well, now that that is over, the question is………What Next

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