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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day day!!
and happy bday dad!

so its a busy busy spring break as always, and I’m LOVIN IT!

too bad i have homework to do and the break will soon be over 🙁
hehe, well i’m enjoying it while i have it hope everyone else on spring break is doing the same!

went to disneyland today, and i was there monday as well….all good times. GOOD TIMES.

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Beggars can’t be choosers? Or so I thought

So a couple nights ago, Leo and I were at 3rd street, you know hangin around, and this beggar / homeless dude comes up to us… Can i have your credit card for the night?”

Now, I usually don’t get mad at these guys but really if you are asking me for something it better be food. If not food, money for food….you do not ask someone for their CREDIT card!! talk about CRAZY! After we denied him the use of our credit cards, he proceeded to follow us and ask for “Hey, at least give me a $100!”
hmmmm… I don’t think so, buddy.

buahaha anyway spring break has officially begun, W000000000000000T!

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Another reason to pick USC over UCLA

So anybody hear about how a UCLA mortician was sellin body parts?

now we know why I’m going to USC! Fight on!

lol…soo whats new? man, i had a great post to put up and then bam my brain died.

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Always trying to reach my goals… More sleep.


after a busy busy weekend, im so ready for this week to fly by, too! i just want it over so i can make my way into spring break and you know, sleep!

lol, i rediscovered puddle of mudd this morning, yes they are good.

more later.

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“If you can count your money, you don’t have a billion dollars.”
– J. Paul Getty

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It only gets better, right?

MoN: argh
gjtorik: argh
gjtorik: what happened
MoN: hw
MoN: lol
gjtorik: just remember it only gets better after this
gjtorik: that is a blatant lie

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So much for the soap

OK, so i have decided that the reason i got strep is becuase soap doesnt really work, anti bacterial soap is a load of beep.

Also, i’d like to point out some retardedness in the world. i dont care what occasion it is, you don’t cut children’s heads with swords.

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Darn pills

This morning i took my last of the strep throat anitbiotics! hah! i am RID OF YOU! no more worrying every 6 hours about taking a pill, missing a pill, forgetting my pills at home…..

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Addicted to Gunbound

so i’m addicted to this game called Gunbound

addicted, to the max. you guys should check it out, start a revolution, or maybe not, the servers are already full as it is.

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