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the little things

Its the little things that matter
..and i pay attention and appreciate the little things very much. thank you, for the little things.

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first day of volleyball class and already injured! yup, i burst a blood vessel in my arm and they wouldnt let me play anymore i had to sit and ice my arm.

so about 2 weeks ago my landlord took out all the carpet from the ground floor of our building (entrance, mailbox area etc) and apparently all that meant was that we are going with that cement floor look that i hate….

this is just like the way he fixed my cabinet door….he took it off.

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Listen you crazy kids take those scrubs and RETURN THEM TO THE HOSPITAL!

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though shalt not beat up the manager of the restaurant.

she was horrible, hunting everyone down, kicking people out…..horrible.

“and you, did you suffer much? did you close your eyes to see the night rush on by?”
-moist – “breathe”

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MoNTaN85: i swear i do more reading of page numbers than the actual pages

its ok if they laugh at me, i like the sound of laughter.

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I went to mammoth this weekend, and had an awesome time. Went skiing for the first time ever, and did great, went on the beginner slopes twice :-D.

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next time, we should just sit, or sleep. no more active things.

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Theres people in life who always put themselves out there on a limb, and they like it, they want to know what happens, they don’t mine jeopardizing themselves…

I am NOT one of those people. Its hard for me to put myself out there, and when I do I shake and shiver and get very scared, but sometimes I do it anyway, when I think its a worthy cause (or a worthy person in this case) I do it, and cross my fingers hoping not to go crashing down. There have been cases where ive gone crashing down, and been miserable, but I lived. On better occasions my putting myself out there was just unnoticed and I just crawled back without a change. On wonderful occasions I went out there and was rewarded for it. These are the best, it feels so worth doing it almost makes those falls go unnoticed.

today I seem to think putting myself out there was worth it. I hope things stay this way. I don’t mind being “exposed”, not to this person at least.

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haha you have to see this video me and shir found…. JAPENESE PING PONG

(Japanese, Japenese…same thing)

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Thats right kids learn to SPELL!

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