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Pure Awesomeness… Sort Of…


What i’m thought of

LecheConQuik: i think you’re fucking hilarious. you tickle my funny bone with things that from anyone else wouldnt be funny

LecheConQuik: you’re really smart, but you procrstinate somtimes too. like last year, when you’d put off programming until ben had to do it for you…=-O

LecheConQuik: you’re like rock-encrusted candy….hard to crack but sweet on the inside

LecheConQuik: like you put up this front like you’re all tough, but on the inside you’re a total softy..probably more than most

LecheConQuik: tough love

LecheConQuik: i thought about this once, and i think out of all of us, you’ll make the best mom
LecheConQuik: you’re strong enough to be tough on them
LecheConQuik: but not too much =)

LecheConQuik: sometimes you’re a bit unforgiving
LecheConQuik: like, if someone pisses you off you stay pissed longer than most people
MoNTaN85: like schenk and the milk? lol

LecheConQuik: oh, and i think you’re gorgeous

LecheConQuik: so yeah, in conclusion, you’re hot, you crack me up, and i see as candy, really really hard candy

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