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Yesterday for the first time i actually enjoyed eating sushi and considered it a real meal. Thanks.

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went to USC basketball game with Leo. Watched him cheer, while we lost….

it was a good night though 🙂

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So i woke up today really sore from tubing…LOL…

i spent most of the day playing warcraft, dont snicker at me, i cant help that i’m addicted.

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Went to big bear for the day. Ara and me drove up and we met up with leo there. we went tubing with leo’s roommie serge, and then later 3 more ppl showed up. we had an awesome time.
Thanks Ara for doing the driving.

what did i learn today?
-surfing down a slope on an innertube it hard.
-ara will fall on the slope more than the rest of us.
-no matter how hard you try to burn some bridges, they’ll rebuild.

this girl that went to my HS was hitting on leo….i dont care about the hitting on, but why do i keep running into these HS idiots?

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Pamela and I discussing our art/toilet paper closet

fkedupmonkey: dudeee
fkedupmonkey: i reorganized the closet.
MoNTaN85: dude>
MoNTaN85: mine too?
MoNTaN85: or the art closet?
MoNTaN85: i had my part organized!
MoNTaN85: lol
fkedupmonkey: i realized that the thing that i thought was supposed to go in the bathroom actually goes in that closet, and its already setup, i just had to stick it on my art stuff is there now.
fkedupmonkey: its very pretty. im pleased with myself.
fkedupmonkey: no i didnt touch your part.
fkedupmonkey: the toilet paper does take away from my toys/arts theme.
MoNTaN85: toilet paper is an art
MoNTaN85: you can even eat it i hear
fkedupmonkey: babe, only quilted bounty toilet paper is an art. the rest is Shit.
MoNTaN85: but quilted bounty is used to clean up shit anyway
MoNTaN85: so essentially it too is shit
fkedupmonkey: nope. ive got a roll thats not. its enshrined.
fkedupmonkey: its Art.
fkedupmonkey: and the rest is Shit.
MoNTaN85: its all artsy shit
fkedupmonkey: a logical conclusion.
MoNTaN85: and logical i am!

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ok wednesday, took last final, took nap, saw LOTR 3, went to shirs party had an awesome time, came home slept.

thursday, woke up @ 8, packed, moved home @ 11, got home, picked up tanya, had lunch, went and got my hari cut/lighted, came home, Leo came by for gift exchange. Ended up going out with leo and his friends. Saw LOTR 3 again, went to Leo’s cousins house played videogames, met more friends, ate pizza, drove Leo’s car, came home.

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3 semesters down, 5 to go.

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its 6 am, and im still studying…..

i hate finals, but it’ll all be over soon….

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