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Happy New Year!

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“So I’m just kicking it
I’m counting the days
I hardly can wait
For us to hang out
I’m really missing it
In so many ways
I anticipate us making out”

alright kids its the 31st, you know LAST day of 2003! it seems its also a day for no doubt lyrics posting…

“In the morning I wake up
And in the night I sleep
Since the day that I was born
Repeat, repeat, repeat”

does that sound like your 2003? i’m sure it does….

resolutions anyone?

AHAH and check this out video game music/sound is finally gaining recognition!

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And they are telling me this because it was vital information??
either way its fun to know that so many ppl order pizzza using the name paris hilton, and so many ppl love pepperoni.

so in my free time when i am not playing warcraft or out galavanting i have been playing the Snood video game that pamela got me for christmas. Tanya and me have kind of been competeing for the highest level reached…today i got to level 19! BEAT THAT TANYA!!! (shes gotten to level 14 i think).

Ah a question for the USCers, when are you guys getting back to USC?

oh and heehee WHITE BUTTS LOL

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Just got back from Las Vegas, ok just as in 4 hours ago….
IT WAS FREEZING COLD THERE! high = 45. low = 28. There was snow next to the freeway…
I had a good time, saw jerry seinfield…

what have you been up too?

oh and i just got an e-mail from Leah, from the alst cruise i was on, good to hear from her…

and Hello to shir in denmark!

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Did i mention its damn cold outside?
ya i didnt think so

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Who are your celebrity parents?

Who are your Celebrity Parents? by opp_girl_4_tp
Your Name
Your Mom Julia Roberts
Your Dad Paul Walker
Created with quill18‘s MemeGen!

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Stolen from Lar’s blog

You are Drama.
You are extroverted and like to show off, but can
be very subtle and intelligent when you want.
As an expert at story-telling, you love
attention and have developed the skill of
keeping it.
You get along well with Literature and Film.

What form of art are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Merry Christmas!

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“I never think of the future – it comes soon enough.”
~Albert Einstein

oh but my favorite?

“I am not argueing with you – I am telling you”
~James Whistler

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Today, chirstmas eve dinner. MMMMMM food is good.

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