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Make no mistake my friends, USC WON.

but acccoriding to my grandmother..USC played (football) against the lakers and lost LOL

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ok lets recap:
monica->Disneyland->cold->USC won->windy->fastpass shuffle-> cold seats -> please remain seated-> the wheelchair incident.

explanations come later

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Its soo windy…..soo windy….

oh, word of advice, don’t try to shower to wake up….I kept closing my eyes and falling asleep in the shower, I’m surprised I didn’t fall and break something.

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…trojan pride…

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Went to EDGE last night, definately not as exciting as it should have been….and i didnt even win the raffle!

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wow, those russians……

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Get off my TV Michael Jackson

michael jackson has to not be on the news, so i can watch TV again.

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In response to the tagboard.

peek-peek: secret armenian indergarten ritual i will not explain to you non-armenians…BAHAHAHAHAAA

no erin it has nothing to do with altar boys or catholic priests.

shir, about the character limit, if you want to leave longer comments you can leave comments under each of my posts. i dont think theres a character limit there. You can just tag and say you left comments, hah.

Yes, stalker, speaking would be good…..LOL

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Peek Peek Heaven

WickyVixen: i wanted to take their name badges…flip them over..expose the pin…and “peek peek” them….armenian kindergartner style….and tear their eyes out
WickyVixen: did u ever “peek peek”?
MoNTaN85: yes i did
MoNTaN85: hahaha
WickyVixen: omg wasnt it the bessssssssssstttt???
MoNTaN85: it brought back strange memories
WickyVixen: if they made us peek peek now…i’d be so stressless….
MoNTaN85: lol peek peek their little eharts out
WickyVixen: lol
MoNTaN85: hahah stressless
WickyVixen: why did the teachers call it that?
WickyVixen: yessssssss.. i mean
MoNTaN85: dude, did all armenian teachers call ti peek peek?
MoNTaN85: its so odd
WickyVixen: if life were only about peek peeking
WickyVixen: we’d all be very happy people
MoNTaN85: you would be a peek peek god?
WickyVixen: i would be eat, drink, crap, peek peek, sleep….that would be life
MoNTaN85: we’re on the same wavelength here, im just a few cycles behind.
WickyVixen: hahahahah
WickyVixen: like if we were a cat
WickyVixen: in a nice home
MoNTaN85: can you peek peek while you crap?
WickyVixen: how (*#@(*#@)(#82 awesome would that be
WickyVixen: ooooooo yes u can
WickyVixen: but like
MoNTaN85: *sigh* yes
WickyVixen: u need a hard surface
WickyVixen: and….u can try to use ur knees
WickyVixen: but it might be difficult
MoNTaN85: ouch
WickyVixen: lol
WickyVixen: peek bleed peek bleed
MoNTaN85: we could mass market portable peek peek boards
WickyVixen: OMG
WickyVixen: and make like…funky colored boards
MoNTaN85: it would be like light bright, but not.
WickyVixen: “personalize your peek peek board”
MoNTaN85: buahahaha
WickyVixen: peek peek competitions
WickyVixen: ohhhhhhhhhhh the joyyy
MoNTaN85: peek peek retreats
MoNTaN85: and conferences
WickyVixen: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! peek peek benefit concerts
MoNTaN85: peek peek clothing lines
WickyVixen: with holes
WickyVixen: and a portable peek peek
MoNTaN85: peek peek universities
WickyVixen: LOL
MoNTaN85: peek peek kits
WickyVixen: OMG the teachers peek peek ur grades
WickyVixen: LOL
MoNTaN85: and a peek peek amusement park
WickyVixen: hellll yessssssssssssss
MoNTaN85: …peek peek heaven….
WickyVixen: but first….we have to invest in a book that explains all the cool ways of peek peeking..that’s the first step
MoNTaN85: and the history of it
WickyVixen: unleash our knowledge
WickyVixen: yes
WickyVixen: YESSSS
MoNTaN85: armenian kindergarten teachers and their influence on peek peek history
WickyVixen: is it only an armo tradition?
WickyVixen: i wonder..
MoNTaN85: we’ll make it armo
MoNTaN85: we’ll ignore the hryas even if they do do it
MoNTaN85: armo pride lol
WickyVixen: they can’t be a part of our peek peek kingdom….

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Have any of you ever wanted to sneeze during a dentist appointment?
isn’t it the most disturbing thing ever? The whole time i was thinking “don’t sneeze, don’t sneeze, if you do start sneezing what guaranteest they’ll get their tools and hands out of your mouth fast enough…what if you get snot on them, what if you bite down and the drill a hole in the side of your mouth..”

ya i didn’t sneeze but jeezzz what if i did?

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