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Pure Awesomeness… Sort Of…

Update the blog

So i begin

alrriiight, so when you’re bored, or avoiding work what should you do? what? thats right! update your blog….

and we all know i’m ALWAYS avoiding work. Healthy, i know.

lets review:
wednesday: came home, asw producers.

thursday: slept till 1, went to grandma’s, had thanksgiving dinner, came home, slept.

friday/today: woke up at 5:15, went to bestbuy at 5:50, wow that was a lot of ppl, wow. came home at 8:20, got back in bed, slept till 11. Woke up got dressed, went to burbank, ate, saw haunted mansion(B) not the greatest, but not bad either…AND NOW here i am, i should shower etc because i’m partying later tonight. or if im not getting ready i should do work…
shoulda woulda coulda….but DIDNT.

So i End

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