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Pure Awesomeness… Sort Of…


I cut my finger…With my knife… 🙁

robust bookw0rm: oh yeah dude I read that in ur blog!!
robust bookw0rm: what were you doing with a knife??
MoNTaN85: ugh
MoNTaN85: so there’s our vacuum
robust bookw0rm: uh huh
MoNTaN85: and me and Pamela were vacuuming
MoNTaN85: ok she was vacuuming and I was watching
MoNTaN85: and it wasn’t working
MoNTaN85: so I took it and turned it over and it was clogged with hair
MoNTaN85: the bristle
robust bookw0rm: OMG so you got a knife
MoNTaN85: so I take out my knife and were cutting the hairs off
robust bookw0rm: and tried taking it out?
robust bookw0rm: ahhhh
MoNTaN85: and then halfway through
MoNTaN85: my left hand slipped into the knife

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