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Pure Awesomeness… Sort Of…

Disneyland Mayhem

The WheelChair Incident: Magic foot

Mofomon: haha disneyland
Mofomon: i was walking
Mofomon: and talking to some1 then i flew up into the air
Mofomon: and landed some 5 feet away
Mofomon: stumbled did a strange dance and exclaimed “I’M OK”
Mofomon: my aunt said “apologize” so i turn around to see 4 ppl looking at me wide eyed
Mofomon: i said im sorry and walked off
Mofomon: turns out
Mofomon: i asked every1 else what happened because i had no idea
Mofomon: i tripped over the footpedal of a wheelchair
Mofomon: and stepped on it launching me up about a foot
gjtori: was someone IN the wheelchair?
Mofomon: while in the air my knee hit the face of a little boy next to the wheelchair
Mofomon: (yes a sleeping girl who i woke up)
Mofomon: the wheelchair rolled back and hit the parent pushing it
Mofomon: and the small boy was shoved backwards and hit the parent behind him
Mofomon: and i stumbled and nothing happened
Mofomon: and i said im sorry but they were in such shock they couldnt say anything
Mofomon: I terrorized an innocent family of four in Disneyland without even realizing

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