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Pure Awesomeness… Sort Of…


*yaaawwwwwwwnn* *stretch* I definately should have gotten up earlier, but i didn’t so oh freakin well. Have a LOT going on today…w00t.
runaway whoh oh oh oh. (try real McCoy – run away)

this is kinda sad but ive lost respect for the fire. everytime i turn on the TV before the screen even comes clear i hear “…and its burning…” or “..this is fireman (so and so)…” or “…and now going back to simivalley..”. and everytime i hear anything fire realted i turn the TV back off. its like i walk up to the TV “is it still burning?” :presses on button: “…and now in lake arrowhead…” :presses off button: yeah still burnin. I had to stay home from class yesterday because i was feelin under the weather and they didn’t even show the freakin soaps!! esh TV stations.

tralala, back to breakfast.

HAH! thats to all you democrats, and other random ppl who say the economy sucks blah blah
well, i still think its BS and just a state of mind. how can the economy suck if everyone is still doing THE SAME things? dont answer that.

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