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:giggles a little:
My roommate pamela is sleeping, and i was in the kitchen on the phone when i bumped into laura. When i got off the phone she told me she needed an envelope, and i told her pamela had some. So we come into my room, and we’re bothing moving in slow motion and not making any noise, and im pointing to where the envelopes are and shes nodding….

it was so funny i felt like we were underwater. I don’t know how many of you ahve played games underwater, but whenever youre tring to instruct other people on what to do, its just a lot of silent nodding and pointing. Hillarity. Now if only me and Laura could get that floaty hair thing down…then we could totally pretend to be underwater.

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Monday monday….
Its monday, i had class all day today with no break so i was starving all day. What a pain i was to everyone else in class. lol

I didnt sleep very well last night, i had a horrible nightmare and couldnt sleep after that. While i couldnt sleep i applied to internships. Want to wish me luck anyone?

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SOOOO, how was your weekend? is that so?
I am afraid my saturday night didnt make it up to standards. I’m also afraid i bored poor lori to tears. Next time, i promise, something better, much better.

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Took an emode quiz..“what are you looking for in a relationship”. This was my result:

Frisky Fling

You’re ready for an adventurous, free-spirited affair to remember. And if it comes in the form of someone who shakes up your world a bit, helps you expand your horizons, then decides to stay for awhile � all the better.

It’s not that you don’t want a serious relationship. It’s just that you might rather get there with someone who’s equally committed to having fun for now. Ever wanted to drive up the coast or across your town in a red convertible? Interested in staying at a restaurant so late the chef himself joins you at the table for a late night cappuccino? Or are you really more into a no-strings-attached companion?

For some people, a good fling starts with someone you can spend the whole day in bed with � whether you’re under the covers or playing cards in your PJs. But for others a fling is just a light-hearted approach to finding a different way to spend quality time with someone new. “

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Have i mentioned BuddyZoo before? no? Go to BuddyZoo and follow the directions to register and upload your buddy list. Then you get to see how popular you are, how many other peple have you on their list, and what buddies you have in common with other people. Have fun!

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Slept well, its a great day….Any suggestions on what books i should buy, i’m not looking for novels, i’m looking for things a little more fun….Unless you know a WONDERFUL novel.

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Ok so even though midterms suck, i took it, its done and over, it wasn;t that bad, it just sucked that i had to study so much for that. I have another test 2morrow. woot. and after that ITS THE WEEKEND!

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7 Letter word for sucks major ass? MIDTERM.
yes i have one today, and a quiz.

“It’s just a question of time
Before they lay their hands on you”

Depeche Mode Rocks, yes they do.

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class class class classs. hmph.

i know its not the exciting post you wanted from me, but yes thats all thats happening today. class class class and unhappiness. Oh and i stopped by home for a shower a meal and some TV.

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What Does Your Sleep Pattern Say about you?

Its a yahoo article about sleep positions.

Theres also an article by the BCC This one has pictures for anyone else who got confused by the “yearner”

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