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yeah so i was reading random articles on the ent and i came across this one…its about waterproof books….check it out. splish splash i was readin a book in the bath

Had a really long day today. 11am-12am. Painfully long, but its over so awesome. Now SLEEP!
hope you guys are doing well 🙂

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So its almost over.
Anyway i had a midterm today, a math midterm…(talk about double whammie).
It went well though, well compared to other math midterms at least!
Now that that is over i can concentrate on programming.

I’m actually in lab right now, listening to my varekai CD getting ready to be a codeMonkey!

“Even while we were shooting the pilot, I was like, ‘This is really good. I think I’ll buy myself a present,’ and I bought a Porsche.”

— “Friends co-star COURTENEY COX, in Newsweek.

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“I wanna know if you�re busy
I wanna know if you’re doing anything tonight
I wanna know if you missed me
I wanna know baby”

Busy busy day today, you’ll get the low down on it when its OVER.

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BACHEEG! what a cute word :-).

its 1:15 in the morning, did you expect me to be sane?

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Have faith in your choices.

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Its FRIIIIIIIIIIIIIDAY! do you know what this means? This means the weekend is HERE! Yes i am excited…I have a BUNCH of work but who cares. I wonder what i should eat for breakfast…i wonder if we have milk. milk would be awesome, it means cereal.

Ok, i just checked, no milk. DAMN

Oh but Look At This..LOL!

Yeah so i almost forgot to mention….I went and saw cirdue du soleil’s VAREKAI last night. It was an AWESOME show, i love all the cirque du soleils, they are definately a sight to see.

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Lets review. You’re as good as the next for a fun time……and don’t you go and forget that.

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i hate fuckers. I really do. If you’re going to be an ass be an ass on your own time. Thanks though, the trip was nice, I’ll just take another train next time around.

Aliquando et insanire iucundum est

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i want Cheesecake !!

“the Harder you hit
The Harder you Fall”

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