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Welcome to the first day of class!

Im bored already, who woulda thought.
lets see, who i saw today.
Anthony from HS.
Olivia, ex RHP.
Schenkman, exRHP/roommate.
Shir, erin, ex rhp.
pamela, roommate.

what classes did i have?
math 225: diff Equations
ITP 499: computer forensics.

about ITP, its 3 units, if you need 3 units, SIGN UP!

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Never Ikea On a Sunday

ok ok so im like 56 seconds off from posting on the 24th, boohoo.

today i went to what is ikea on a sunday (hell). hectic day running lots of errands to prepare for the MOVE.

class starts 2morrow. Wish me luck anyone? yeah post a comment!

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anyone hear my “our apartment is horrible and in the ghetto” speech? well you no longer have to hear it! We got a new one!!!! thats right, its in a better area (awesome) and NO roaches! move in soon….but not soon enough to be before classes, but in days, yes days.

i spent all morning /afternoon dealing with that…and then? (no and then!) i went to marina del ray cheese cake factory. For those of you that are famous person obsessed, the ppl sitting behind me were gucci models. So think about it, avocado eggrolls, cheese cake, and gucci models…what more could i want?


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They paved paradise to put up a parking lot…oooh bop bop bop

i still have not packed. surprised? dont be.

it amazes me what horrible people exist, and how many stupid people there are…i mean hasnt anyone chlorinated the gene pool lately?
Scum, the world is full of scum.
It is a shame that at times we encounter people with bad intentions.

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silent tears

These will be my silent tears.

in the meanwhile you can look at this.

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School? Soon? No way man…

OK, so i’m in denial. Do you blame me? Stay home and sleep, or move to school, start class, forget what the concept of sleep is, and do a lot of work?
Class starts the 25th, yes only a few days away, and i HAVENT EVEN PACKED. I’m fighting it, i don;t want this all to happen, I LIKED SUMMER. Anyway while i go struggle with this whole idea of giving up my free time, check this out. it is awesomeness.

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Improvements?? Where??
Ok, so lately i’ve been totally bent to improve my site and make it wonderful etc in hopes of getting more traffic…
I looked around on-line and figured a few things i could do, you know the tagboard. Then i figured out how to create links so you could link directly to one post (see the permalink at the end of the post). Still not good enough, seems tagboard is bad with free users and isnt up all that often so i got a commenting system so you can leave comments for each post.
Now you can interact with the page, you can link to it…..but i dont have enough traffic so theres no point!!
I came across this silly article that said that if you want more traffic you should talk about sex. Thats a cheap way to get users but uhm see they will come here to look for topics on sex, tips no sex, etc but when they get here they’ll be incredibly disappointed, and do i really want disappointed users checking my site? nah…

Aside from that, i have a question WHY in hell is vancouver airport called YVR? What does YVR stand for???
But i have to say they have the best security i’ve ever seen, those vancouver canadians.

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WANTED: A loving caring older sibling

Yeah, so i’ve decided the perfect thing to have would be an older sibling.
Its the perfect balance between parents and friends.
parents care and protect but are unreasonable.
friends want to have fun but will do it at your expense.

an older sibling would be protective and fun and you could get advice from them. Yes i want an older sibling. Those under the age of 21 need not apply.
Will you be my older sibling?

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A leisure day

While Recovering from the cruise. I sat and watched TV all day.

This is probably the only leisure day i’m going to have for a LONG time.
I’m starting to move, and we all know that’s a disaster…On the 25th my semester starts and based on how many classes im taking, things look hectic. Wish me luck.

Man those eastcoast blackouts must have been wonderful for those who like the “candle light” mood thing….but all the poor computer geeks, I’m sorry.

Ohh, i just remembered. I’ve promised a few people that there would be pictures coming up on the site, or at least some links to pictures. Yeah this might take a little longer than expected. I havent figured out how i want to do this, but the best way would be to get a hosting service etc, and for that i would need an income. Until then, you’ll just have to make requests and i can send you the pictures you want.
Aside from that i also realized that this site is getting real messy. I’m going to figure out some way you can click to certain dates. that way you can go “hmm i wonder what monica did on the 5th”. Also maybe organize some of these posts by topic…Yes all coming sometime in the future. We hope.

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Traveling is officially poopifying.
poopifying? when i got to my house i said i was pooped, so i was poopified. Understand? Good.

so i went car, taxi, plane, bus, boat, mini boat, mid boat, mini boat, boat, bus, taxi, car.
complicated enough. it Sure confused me.

Cruise was awesome.
wait, let me back up a step, or 4.
I went on vacation, took a cruise to Alaska. Was on the RCCL ship radiance of the seas.
I’m not a big cold weather fan, but alaska treated me pretty well, even had nice sunny warm days.
lets see howd that whole cruise thing go?
ok, so i was in a cabin with my family. Generally being in such a small space with the parents and tanya drives one crazy. Yes, it did.
Our waiter and asst waiter were awesome. our head waiter didnt speak to us, its ok, no tip for him. The cabin woman was awesome, she even left us a thank you note.
Teen program: hmmmmm, the teens were so/so. you know ive had better groups but they were ok, there were a few that i had a good time with.
One of the staff members in charge of the teen program was awesome, that fixed the lack of good teenness.

More Later.
E-mail sortin now.

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