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Pure Awesomeness… Sort Of…

SAL is not my pal

SAL is the main computer lab @ USC. This would be where i am right now wasting my life away as usual. I’m thinking that i’ll be spending a LOT of time here this year, maybe even forming fond memories of the place. With my WONDERFUL MP3 CD player in hand i can waste endless hours at this place. (the CD thats in right now, track 87 is billie myers – kiss the rain. track 3? oh thats blur – boys and girls.) What more could i want than fast internet and good music? maybe a man, but thats negligible when the fast internet and good music are around. Booyah.

Ok pamela just snuck up behind me and almost scared me….almost.
Either way i hear that my side of the room has still not been vacated of her stuff….hmm she should get on that, lol :-p

I am utterly disappointed that blackboard isnt updated yet. What da hell man, ISD get your ass in gear.

oh and laugh at this, the computers here at USC, no they dont have diskette drives, no they dont have CD-r drives, no the only thing they DO have are zip drives. I’m once again disappointed. This just means that i have to buy one fo those coll USB memory things. Oh yeah. Techie to the max.


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