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Pure Awesomeness… Sort Of…

UnGeek or UnGreek

So i guess i picked a REALLY popular GE class.
Today i casually stroll over to the classroom where my religions of latin america class is scheduled to be. As i get nearer i notice tons of ppl belonging to the greek system. I assume they are running some sort of rush activity. Hah! i was WRONG. thats right! ALLLLL of them were in my class, of a class of 200, maybe MAYBE 20 of us were ungreek. Did i mention they all wear t-shirts representing the sorority or fraternity they are from…. Yes, i demand that i have a shirt that says “the UNgreek” and i want to give one to every other ungreek too, see how that makes me feel. muahahahaaaaaaaaa
yes, that was antigreek sentiment. get used to it.
(greek means sorority/frat.)

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