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I HATE waking up early.

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Men are Proof that women can take a joke

“Men are Proof that women can take a joke” that was on a bumper sticker i saw today. nice dont you think?

ya so USC beet auburn 23-0. gooo trojans. yes we rule.
uhm for you other USC-ers, check out the college episodes of saved by the bell, the intro and all the little things between scenes are shots of USC.
Yeah i noticed it on TV today…oh and i watched like 5 80’s/early 90’s movies today…lol

did i mention they installed the cable at the apartment. YES, INTERNET!

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The Internets!

Cable internet gets installed tomorrow…YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. :does a little dance:

what else what else…hmm cut my hair, made brownies, you know life is good.

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More is less

Why is it that the more i learn about things the more i hate everything..the more i think that nothing works right, that everything is flawed and, well, sucks

explanation? when you dont understand how something works, as long as it works youre happy…if you figure it out you get so angry at the behind the scenes crap, how unreliable it is…everything. The more you learn about a persons habits etc the more you would see their faults. or thats how i work at least.

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SAL is not my pal

SAL is the main computer lab @ USC. This would be where i am right now wasting my life away as usual. I’m thinking that i’ll be spending a LOT of time here this year, maybe even forming fond memories of the place. With my WONDERFUL MP3 CD player in hand i can waste endless hours at this place. (the CD thats in right now, track 87 is billie myers – kiss the rain. track 3? oh thats blur – boys and girls.) What more could i want than fast internet and good music? maybe a man, but thats negligible when the fast internet and good music are around. Booyah.

Ok pamela just snuck up behind me and almost scared me….almost.
Either way i hear that my side of the room has still not been vacated of her stuff….hmm she should get on that, lol :-p

I am utterly disappointed that blackboard isnt updated yet. What da hell man, ISD get your ass in gear.

oh and laugh at this, the computers here at USC, no they dont have diskette drives, no they dont have CD-r drives, no the only thing they DO have are zip drives. I’m once again disappointed. This just means that i have to buy one fo those coll USB memory things. Oh yeah. Techie to the max.


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Beat that bozo

i just killed a giant fly walking on my desk. beat that bozo.

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and like

my eyeball hurts and like uhm yeah.

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UnGeek or UnGreek

So i guess i picked a REALLY popular GE class.
Today i casually stroll over to the classroom where my religions of latin america class is scheduled to be. As i get nearer i notice tons of ppl belonging to the greek system. I assume they are running some sort of rush activity. Hah! i was WRONG. thats right! ALLLLL of them were in my class, of a class of 200, maybe MAYBE 20 of us were ungreek. Did i mention they all wear t-shirts representing the sorority or fraternity they are from…. Yes, i demand that i have a shirt that says “the UNgreek” and i want to give one to every other ungreek too, see how that makes me feel. muahahahaaaaaaaaa
yes, that was antigreek sentiment. get used to it.
(greek means sorority/frat.)

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Stupid So Big….I’ll so big your face

so as of last night the virus had not figured out that i exist, it was well blissful.
I wake up this morning, open my e-mail account and become ecstatic that i have new e-mail and can read something. RIIGHT. Nothing to read, ALl of it so big virus shizzz. :growl:

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who knew a day could be so long. 6am-12am jeebus, 18 hours.

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