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and then, she drove

I drove.

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Tiger Quizes

Random Fact #27:

If you go to and search for “tiger Quizes” my page comes up on page 19 of the results…for no apparent reason.


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reveling in the hairlessness

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Strange smell in garage

Smell be GONE!
I don’t know if i mentioned this before but about a month ago a strange smell started to appear in my garage.
It was a HORRIBLE smell, started reminding me of living with my old roommate…
Anyway we couldnt figure out where the smell was coming from, and it just kept getting worse and worse.
Last night i decided to clean my wheels cuz they were lookin dirty, and while i was behind my car i noticed the smell was oddly stronger than in the rest of the garage.
With some investigation i pinpointed the offending oder. It was coming from an old can of paint from when we painted the house a few months ago. It wasnt even a paint smell it was just BAD.
Point of story? We got rid of the paint, my garage once again smells like new car.
…and they lived happily ever after…..

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a busy mind means a busy blog.

Blog My Butt
the title on the main blog page said “Blog This!” and i couldn’t resist.

A lots going through my head….
nothing scary or bad or anything, just my minds busy.
but the question is. do i post personal stories or not? hmmm
should i stick to half and half? you know half personal half fluff?
oh the physics of a blog.

Do i trust myself enoguh to leave parts of my life IN WRITING? haha
I’ve always had this phobia of writing things down about my life…because chances are i wont want to hear about it later (wont want?).
I generally like to live it and move on. If i remember it in my head, great, if not then i shouldnt have remembered it anyway.
Am i the only one that follows this logic?

Tune in tomorrow, same time, same place….to find out…
-Will Calculus kill Monica?
-Will monica kill calculus?
-how many miles can Monica get on a tank of gas?
-Can she handle whats in store for her?
-What is in store for her?
-could the unfeeling on be *gasp* feeling?
-Can she learn to bend a spoon….


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almost done, almost

dun dun dun dun dun “when the sun goes down on me” dun dun dun dun dun
but 3 more tests…..

its thursday, which means THREE DAYS OFF from waking up at 6:27 AM…how awesome is that?
I finished my homework for the weekend so all thats left is to study for my test on Monday, not too shabby.

Cleaned my room for the first time in MONTHS, and only so that someone else can vacuum it tomorrow. Ironic isn’t it?

got my legs waxed……..pain, you know.

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some days…

its like slicing my wrists…..with a rusty spoon.

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my car goes vroom

This morning:
On the freeway entrance.
Its 2 lanes that merge at the end, I’m driving along but this x-large SUV is right next to me…
we all know this doesn’t work too well for merging right?
hes slowly creeping fwd, i get angry and floor it.

honestly, i didn’t know my car could do that.
needless to say i passed him and merging was fine.

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Great day. I think the chocolate did it.

All in all, it was a good day.
yes that was a positive phrase….out of MY mouth.

woke up, barely, went to class. Was falling asleep so while on my break i went to the vending machine to buy a cherry coke. When i put my buck 25 in, it gave me 3 cokes instead of one.

After class it only took me about an hour to finish my homework! Giving me the rest of the night to do with myself whatever i wanted.

Took a 2 hour nap, had a quick dinner then went out.
albert. glendale. walking. mall. chocolate. coffee.

later on.
family. glendale. mcdonalds. 1$ chicken nuggets & coke.

more than ’nuff said.

Are you right eyed? i am.

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License to drive…. straight to 31 flavors!

Licensed – the Tree-quel
What the hell comes after sequel?

anyway i got my license in the mail today…whoopdeedoo.

the test i took this morning drained me of all energy…so tired.

went to 31 flavors, ate and brought back ice cream…BOOYAH!

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