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Class is murder.

school is in.
class is murder
wake up at 6:30, leave by 7:20.
word is quizes every morning at 8 sharp
tests every thursday
6-12 hours of hw a night.

on top of it the book cut my knee. Damn calculus.

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went to disneyland

went to disneyland, wore myself out.
saw ppl from HS @ disneyland.
what, you want names?
:in order of sighting:
michael, talar, krikor, lori.

(seems i see someone i know everytime i’m there)
school 2morrow bright and early must get sleep.

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No More Telemarketers

No More telemarketers.

yes i am serious. if you go to that site and register your phone number, telemarketers are NOT allowed to call you anymore!!!

lets get rid of stupid telemarketers.

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guess who got their license, guess who got their license!!
FINALLY thats off my back….its checked and done.
woohoo….i can drive.
the test made me so nervous though, i couldnt even sign my name on my license, let alone drive home.

i also got my gamecube in the mail today, oh i love it.

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Jewelry shopping

went jewelry shopping.
’nuff said.

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happy bdays


june 15, happy (17) bday schenkie

today (the 24th) happy (19) bday Pamela.

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gamecube is mine.

bass up, do the talk, i like the beat, get ready to rock.

i ordered a gamecube!! there goes my money.

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driving….and delerium

“daarrrling, when did you fall, when was it over…..darrrling, when did you fall when was it over.” Its playing on my stereo…Innocente by Delerium.

sooo, today i went driving along. i was supposed to go to downtown for stuff but eh that got canceled (or postponed? i hope.)

i went to GCC bought my book, got my ID, bought a parking permit.
drove around glendale aimlessly.

drove to hollywood picked up pics, drove around in the park..aimlessly once again. (i just like the car).

then i had an interview….hopefully this time thursday i’ll be singing “movin on up”

had dinner with the family and drove my dads BMW home.

how do you think my day went?

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thats right…i went to SIN CITY…..Las vegas….

got there at like 10 am friday…spent all weekend running around like mad and getting no sleep.
i did NOT get kicked out of the casino or arrested so no fun stories about that.

lets see, got some shopping done there…it was nice.
lots of slutty girls out at night….it was amazing…as my aunt said “there are more sluts here then you can shake a stick at”
all the slutty men were drunk and chasing the slutty girls by 6 pm.

i got back from vegas at like 5 am monday morning.

end of story.

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Put your name…

Put your name on the line along with place and time

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